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Everything is now automated and can be found centrally in one place. I was bothered by all the old Excels and that everything was manual. The PCT in five words for me: practical, compact, easy, simple, structure.’

J.W. Schep

‘The PCT gives us a complete picture of our various certifications, tasks and actions are secured. With this, we have one tool in which all our processes and controls are recorded and are constantly in control.’

M. Broens

We chose the PCT because it gives us a central location for all the documents we need for our ISO 27001 ISMS. It is also a nice tool to work with to fill our Information Security Management System, assign tasks and review it.

Y. Dolmans

‘The team listens well to our needs and knows how to translate them correctly into the ProActive Compliance Tool. The focus of the collaboration was on improving our management system, through the PCT we have succeeded in that mission.’

S. de Boer
Regio Control

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