Document Management System-from loose Excel and Word files to an online software tool

Do you recognize that all kinds of Word and Excel files, photos and videos are in all kinds of places without structure? Then a Document Management System, a system that can help you with this by means of a software tool, is a solution. We would like to explain to you what a DMS is, what the difference is between a DMS and an ISMS and what the advantages are.

What is a document management system (DMS)?
A Document Management System is a system or application where you manage and organize documents on certain topics. A DMS helps you to run the various processes of your documents efficiently, this applies to various types from Word and Excel to film and audio files. 

DMS software is actually not the right name because the ‘S’ stands for system. With a DMS, also known as a document management system, documents are stored online on a central platform. For example, you manage your Word and Excel files in an, often online, application.   

How does a DMS software tool work?
If you choose a DMS software tool where the documents are stored centrally, employees can quickly find, share and modify the documents. Also, employees can often work in the same document at the same time. Version management allows you to track who has made which changes to the document. In addition, documents can follow a preset route, so that they automatically move from one employee or department to another. The use of a document management system increases the findability of documents. When document flows are properly executed, business processes will be more effective and faster. 

Some advantages of a DMS system
What advantages does working via a DMS software tool offer your organization? If you are still working with paper documents, the benefits will be even greater. But even if you already work digitally, it can bring advantages to your organization. 

  • Documents are stored centrally
  • Fast access to information
  • Good overview
  • Findability of documents
  • Search for documents more efficiently
  • Easy working with backups
  • More effective and faster business processes through document flows
  • Easily define user rights
  • Secure digital signing of documents
  • Versioning management
  • Less physical storage space required
  • Reduced printing costs
  • Lower environmental impact fits in with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

What is the difference between an ISMS and a DMS?
Actually, these are two completely different things. Whereas a DMS refers to a system, an Information Security Management System is really about a working method that includes documented information. Not only the documents related to information security themselves, but also how you implement and continuously improve them according to the Plan Do Check Act (PDCA) improvement cycle. 

The PCT as an ISMS: manage your tasks and your DMS
Within the ProActive Compliance Tool you have the ability to record this documented information. Just like in a DMS, in the PCT you can set the workflow to update and review this documentation. As an organization, you don’t have to think about a folder or folder structure. The structure for the required information is already in the PCT. The PCT works with task and version management, so that you can create workflows within your organization. You can record how you have implemented things in your organization and prove how you have done this.
Another advantage is that in the PCT you can easily manage all your documents and registrations as well as tasks for your ISMS. This gives you a DMS and task management system in one.

From the ISO 27001 standard for Information Security you are asked to design, implement, maintain and continuously improve a management system, for example by applying the PDCA cycle. By using the PCT your company is supported in this process.

Do you want to get rid of loose Word and Excel files?
We would be happy to help you get your compliance and certifications in order with the help of the PCT. Is your organization ready for a software tool that supports you in this? Please contact us and we will be happy to help you further. 

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