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Create your own forms

Can I create my own forms in the PCT?

Yes, if your license is running on V4 (visible on the login page) you can create your own forms. These forms are displayed in the top navigation under the tab “Other”. You can easily link these forms from the framework by clicking on the + and selecting the form.

How do I create my own form in the PCT?

When you create your own form you can choose from 2 types of forms, a portrait or excel table form. With a vertical form the questions are placed under each other and with an excel table the questions are next to each other in table form.

Once you have selected a type of form you can easily add questions and indicate whether these questions are required.

Once you have added all the questions click on “create form” and the form will be available to link to the template.

Which fields can I create in a custom form?

There are several fields you can add to the form. Some examples of available fields are:
·       File upload
·       Checkbox
·       Date
·       User selection
·       Number
·       Choice (fixed selection or dynamic)
·       Color picker
·       Country selector
·       Measures
·       Text

How do I add my own form to the framework?

In each section of the framework you can add active forms by clicking on the +. You then select the appropriate form and from then on the form is linked.

How can I customize my own forms?

Via the top navigation you will find the forms created by the organization under the tab “Other”. By clicking on the pencil icon you can edit the form.

Can I add logic between form fields?

When you create your own form it is only possible to add individual fields. If you want logic to be applied to fields, for example that a field changes when a specific answer is entered into another field, or that a field is not visible to all roles, you can submit a request to support. IMPORTANT! Once support starts adding this logic the form becomes the property of PCT and fields can no longer be edited by administrators.

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