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Process flows

How do I create a new process?

Go to the section Process flows. To create a process flow, you can use the green ‘Add Process Flow +’ button. Then you can choose between a Process or an Organogram. Then you can use symbols and text to visually illustrate a process.

How do I create a new version of a process?

When you open the Process Flows section, all created process flows are shown. You can use the pencil icon or the 3 dots on the right (edit) to make a change to the existing process flow. When you make a change, you can click ‘Save as new version’.

When you open (edit) the process flow, all other versions (if other versions are present) are shown under ‘Versions’.

How do I link a process to a section from the PCT Framework?

When you open a section in the PCT you have a text field. At the bottom of the page (below the text field) you will find Process Flow. Make use of the + icon.

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