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What is a trigger?

A trigger is an email that is sent in response to a task that must be performed within the PCT. This could be the execution of a frequent test, but also the updating of, for example, the quality policy.

The person responsible for the task receives a trigger mail describing the task to be performed. When the task is completed, the person responsible updates the task overview by clicking on the link of the task form in the trigger mail.

Can the triggers be sent to other employees?

You can configure in the workflow notification who should receive the trigger. This can be a specific user, but also a user in a certain field (for example the field “responsible”. If you are unable to change the recipient, please contact your consultant or via .

I lost the trigger mail. How can I update the task overview now?

When you log into the PCT you can find all your tasks under ‘Measures and tasks statistics’. Here you can easily filter by your name and find out which tasks have been assigned to you. From this overview you can also immediately update and complete the task.
If you do not succeed, please send an email to .

What is the difference between a “reminder email” and a “workflow notification”?

With a reminder you send a notification at a fixed time that a form needs to be filled out.

A workflow notification is sent as soon as it is triggered by an adjustment or status in the registrations. Hence the word trigger.
Think for example of a new registration or a change in a specific field or when a date is approaching.

I’m not sure if the workflow notification was sent correctly?

An administrator can see if emails are sent correctly.
Click on your account at the top right and go to “company profile“. On the right side you will see “email logs“. Select the appropriate user here. Next you will see which notifications have been sent and what the status of the notifications is. “Success” means that the notification has been sent and received by the user.

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