Management system set-up

Policy documentation and business processes in the PCT framework

Policy documentation and business processes

With the PCT you can easily set up an online management system by recording your organization’s policy documentation, business processes and documentation for certification and compliance and updating it when necessary.
The PCT can be set up based on the PCT framework. We also offer the possibility to choose your own setup based on your needs and vision.

Integrated management system: PCT framework

When you choose the PCT framework, you choose an integrated management system (IMS). The structure lends itself to various standards and assessment guidelines which come together in the management system.
The online software tool helps you identify, monitor and control compliance risks and operational activities. It provides a consistent approach for managing and streamlining processes in standards, legislation or internal procedures relevant to the organization.

The tool provides an easy way to identify, monitor

We know that keeping track of your policy documentation, management information and certifications is often seen as ‘paperwork’, so we want to support your organization by making it easier and more accessible.
That is why we have chosen the framework in the PCT that allows you to maintain and continuously improve your management system through the following five components:

  1. Leadership and strategy
  2. People and resources
  3. Process management
  4. Risk and information management
  5. Performance and results
Geintegreerde_managementsysteem-ProActive-Compliance-Tool ProActive Compliance Tool
Would you like to download the integrated management system as a pdf? Click here. Unfortunately only in Dutch.

ISO management system: HLS structure

Using the High Level Structure (HLS), you can add your company information to the PCT framework step by step. The five chapters follow the HLS, which is the standard structure for ISO standards. The HLS consists of a fixed chapter structure and basic text for a management system and applies to all ISO management systems.
The objective is to make it easier for organizations to integrate management systems for information security, risk management, health and safety, quality and environment in a simple manner. The PCT is suitable for ISO 27001, ISO 27701, ISO 9001 and other certifications.
The online software tool offers the functionality to maintain the HLS structure and to supplement it with your own texts.

Your own set-up

Of course, it is also possible to set up the PCT based on your own vision and wishes. The PCT offers the possibility of setting up your own structure and developing customized forms and dashboards.
This is useful if, for example, you already use a management system. In this way, you do not have to adapt the existing management system to the design of the software, but it happens exactly the other way around. As a result, you retain the management system already implemented and enjoy the benefits of the functionalities offered by the PCT.

Together, we will clarify your company’s requirements and optimize the set-up within the PCT.

Bestaand managementsysteem implementeren binnen de ProActive Compliance Tool

How to place policy documentation and business processes?

The PCT has a chapter structure and help texts for each section. The help texts give a brief explanation of what needs to be described in the section you have chosen, which files need to be uploaded and which forms need to be filled in.
If you have not worked with an ISMS before, it can be helpful to choose introductory texts. These texts can be used once and give an example of the information that needs to be filled in, so you know how to describe your company information in it.
As a user you can also make use of the extensive knowledge base, which contains user questions and FAQs. These explain how to work with the PCT by means of text and video clips.

ISMS tool part of your operations and business process

When your organization has recorded the policy documentation and processes online in the ISMS tool, tasks will emerge from the PCT and become part of your work. Through triggers and task and version management, workflows are initiated, so that when you are assigned to a task, you receive a notification of this. This makes it easier to integrate tasks related to compliance, certifications and your management information as part of your business processes.

A software tool suitable for all standards

The PCT is suitable for all common standards, certification schemes and assessment guidelines. Read more about ISO certification.

ISO 9001

Make sure your organization is ready for ISO 9001 certification.

ISO 27001

Comply with information security requirements in a structured and clear manner.

ISO 27701

Organize privacy information management for your organization.

Experience the ease of the ProActive Compliance Tool

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