Frequently asked questions


PCT Framework

How can I upload a file as an attachment?

At the bottom of every section and subsection you have the option to add links and files. Files are automatically saved in the file overview. This overview can be found via the left navigation or the menu at the top, under "Files"

In the file overview you can easily upload attachments using the + in the top right corner. Maximum file size that can be uploaded is 30mb.

Can I link to a file from multiple places?

Yes, you can. If you want to attach a file, you have the choice to upload a new file or select an uploaded file. If you want to link to the same file from different locations, click "Select uploaded files".

Is there a mapping with the components from the standard?

Yes there is. In the reference matrix (under general) you can see which articles per standard are included in the texts. Of course the relevant standard must be included in your license.

Are the forms customizable?

Yes, the standard forms are customizable. You cannot delete the entry fields, but you can add extra entry fields by using the gear wheel in the form.

You can choose from a number of types of fields that you can add, for example: file upload, text field or checkboxes. You can use this functionality, for example, when you want to add an extra explanation.

What is a registration?

When a form has been filled in completely, you call it a registration. You can see the registrations per form at the results.

Can I export the registrations?

Yes, every form has an export option. This export button can be found in the top right corner of the entry form and the results.

Can I add dashboards myself?

Consultants and administrators of the customer environment have the possibility to create dashboards when the data in a form allows it. If you’re missing a dashboard or want to add something, please contact the administrator or Please note! The dashboards linked to forms are generic for the entire organization.

How can I update files with changes?

When you have made changes to a file that has been uploaded in the PCT, you can easily update it. You go to the relevant document and click on the yellow button to upload a new version. You will then find the different revisions of a document in the left navigation under "Files". So when updating, the document has two revisions.


How do I add a user to the PCT?

You can easily add users to 'users'. You can also easily upload a file with users at once.

If you want to add more users than the maximum number of users from the license, please contact

Which roles are available within the PCT?

The following roles are available by default:

- Administrator

- Manager

- Staff members

- Viewers

- Auditor

Your consultant has access to the PCT through the Consultant role. In the tool you can view the rights per role under 'users'.

The log in doesn’t work. How is that possible?

First click on the 'eye' on the login page to make the entered password visible. Perhaps there is a typo or 'caps lock' is on. If this doesn’t help, click on "I forgot my password".

If that doesn’t work either, please contact us at

What is my username?

You have been given a username to log into the PCT. This username can be found at the bottom of the invitation you have received to create an account. It is never your email address.

How do I deactivate a user?

When a user is no longer allowed to have access to the PCT, you can deactivate the user. You do this by going to the user overview. On the right side at "Actions" you have a number of settings. Here you will find the button "deactivate user". The user will no longer have access to the PCT.

Tasks and measures

What is a task?

A task is an activity that must be performed to maintain the management system.

What is a measure?

A measure is an activity that must be carried out to be compliant.

If, for example, a deviation or problem is detected during the execution of a task, a measure must be taken.

How do I add a measure?

A measure is always linked to a form. In the forms where it is possible to add a measure, you will see a + button.

After the measure has been added, the measure can be found in the measures and tasks overview. This overview can be found in the left navigation.

It is also possible to add a measure to the relevant form from the measures and tasks overview.

It is important that you always add a person responsible and a planned completion date to the measure, otherwise it is an incomplete task. The task should always be linked to a person responsible, because someone has to complete it. That person also has know when this task must be completed.

Where can I find an overview of all tasks and measures?

All tasks and measures are automatically loaded from the various forms into the measures overview. In the corresponding dashboard you have direct insight into completed and expired tasks and measures.


What is a trigger?

A trigger is an email that is sent in response to a task that must be performed within the PCT. This may involve frequent testing, but also updating, for example, the quality policy.

The person responsible for the task receives a trigger e-mail describing which task he / she must perform. When the task has been performed, the person responsible updates the task overview by clicking on the link of the task form in the trigger e-mail.

Can the triggers be sent to other employees?

Our support team can adjust the triggers so that they are sent to the right person. Contact your consultant or via

I lost the trigger email. How can I update the task overview?

When you log in to the PCT you can find all your tasks under "Measures and tasks statistics". Here you can easily filter by name and find out which tasks have been assigned to you. From this overview you can also immediately update and complete the task.

If you are unable to resolve it, send an email to


Where is the data stored?

The data is stored in the Digital Ocean data center in the Netherlands. Hot storage backups are available at Amazon in Frankfurt. The cold backups are stored in the Netherlands.

Will my data be backed up?

Yes. Every day 2 "hot storage" backups of the data are made. These backups are stored encrypted in Europe. In addition, an encrypted "cold storage" backup is made every day, which is stored within the Netherlands.

Can I also make a backup of my data myself?

Data can be exported from the tool via an Excel and / or PDF export.

What is the uptime of the PCT?

We aim for an uptime of 99.5% during working days (NL) from 09:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Does my environment have a firewall?

Each customer environment has its own firewall.

Is my PCT environment monitored?

Yes, all customer environments are monitored 24/7 by the ISO2HANDLE, the software supplier. Their monitoring systems, in turn, are also monitored, so that any problems are detected immediately.

The following is monitored for each customer environment:

- uptime (live)

- presence of hot storage backups

- presence of cold storage backups

Are PEN tests performed on the PCT?

ISO2HANDLE regularly has a PEN test performed on the software.