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Is there an instruction on how to fill out a form?

Each form contains a link to a help text. This help text contains a short explanation on how to fill out a form.

You can find the help text under the ?-icon right above the form:

Are the forms customizable?

Yes, the default forms are customizable. You cannot delete the input fields, but you can add additional input fields by using the gear icon in the form:

You have a choice of several types of fields you can add, for example: file upload, text field or checkboxes. You use this functionality for example when you want to add an extra comment that needs to be filled in.
By using the arrows on the right side you can determine the position where the field should be displayed:

Can I export the registrations?

Yes, every form has an export option. This export button can be found in the upper right corner near the entry form and the results.

How do I create graphs?

If the data in a form allows it, it is possible to create graphs.
Via the tab “charts” administrators can create charts based on the registrations in the form. In “basic settings” the title of the graph is set.
The “display options” tab determines the type of graph. There are 5 types of graphs: line; bar; donut; polar; radar.
At “datasets” you select which data from the form (the registrations) should be shown in the graph. Per dataset you can give a title in the “label” field.

Please note that the charts associated with forms are generic across the organization.

How do I set up a company dashboard?

Consultants and administrators of the customer environment have the ability to create a company dashboard. Before the company dashboard can be created, graphs must be created within the PCT.

Go to “dashboard” and click on “company dashboard”. Then click on the large + at the bottom right. In the pop up that opens you can select what should be shown on the company dashboard.

Where to find archived registrations?

Full users can access archived registrations when they have set preferences to access archived datasets.
Archived records can be viewed in the results page of a form. Click the archive button in the upper right corner of the results page.

What is the difference between blue and white registrations?

In each form, the results page contains all the registrations from the form. These registrations can be blue or white in color.

White registrations are actual recordings, in principle no further follow-up action is required. Blue registrations are actions. This means that there is an action attached to the registration, or activities are planned. For example, because someone has to perform a check. These planned actions can also be viewed via the “Tasks and Measures” overview.

How do I adjust the status of a task?

Several forms have status fields. These fields automatically adjust to the status of the specific task. 
There are 3 types of statuses:

Upcoming – This task has a scheduled completion date (deadline) in the future
Overdue – The scheduled completion date (deadline) has passed and the task is not yet completed
Completed – The task has been completed and the actual completion date has been entered. 

Note! When the actual completion date is not entered, the status remains unchanged.

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