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How do I upload a file into the file library?

Go to ‘Files’ on the left side of the tree. Here you will see all the files that have been uploaded. On the right you will find a green ‘Add files’ button. Here you can select or drag and drop a file.
Note! Always give documents a clear, recognizable name so you can search for the document by name.

How can I renew a file?

You can refresh existing files by clicking on the 3 dots behind the file and then on ‘New version’. Now upload the new version of the file. This file will be refreshed in all sections to which this file is linked.
Note! When the file is uploaded in a form it is NOT refreshed in the results, to avoid incorrect registrations.

Via ‘Edit’ the old versions of the file can be found via ‘Files version control’.

Why is the filter (in the search bar) orange?

If the filter is the color orange, it means a filter is on. Remove the text from the search bar and the search bar will turn white again.

Where can I see what a file is linked to?

When you click the three dots (on the right) in the file library and then click ‘Edit’ you will see at the bottom which steps and/or forms the file is linked to.

How can I see which groups can see a file?

In the file library, you can search for the file. Click on the three dots (right) and then on ‘Edit’. Here you can see which groups are on the whitelist. This is also editable.

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