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How do I create a new version?

When you click on the “create new version” button, a new draft version is created which you can only see yourself. When creating a new version a copy is made of the last active version. This allows you to make changes easily without having to retype the entire text. When the content is ready you set the status to “internal”, which makes it visible for other users.
Do not forget to give it a version number and to keep track of what you have changed from the previous version.

Please note that when there are multiple concepts that different users work in, this content is not synchronized with each other. Creating a clear process regarding updating documentation can help with this

How do I know what content to post?

Each item in the tree contains a link to a help text. This help text contains a short explanation of what needs to be described in the component, which files need to be uploaded and which forms need to be filled in.

You can find the help text under the ? right above the editor.

How can I import content from a Word document?

Above the content editor is the “upload content file” button. Here you select the correct file you want to import. Please note! All existing content will be overwritten with the content that is being imported. So create a new version just to be sure.

How do I link to other components in the PCT framework or a form?

When you type “@” in the content editor, you will see which sections and forms you can link to. Users can click on the link in viewer mode to go directly to the appropriate section. If a user is not authorized for the particular component, it will not be shown either.

How do I set up the authorizations per item or form?

As administrator you can set which roles are authorized to view or edit a particular component or form.
You can set up components in the PCT framework by clicking on the eye above the editor. Next you select for which role this “step” should be hidden.

For forms, the “settings” tab allows you to set, for each role, whether a role has access to the fill-in form, charts, or registrations.

How can I change the title of a section?

Click on the cog-icon above the editor. Then click on ‘General’ and enter the custom title and click save. From now on, this title will be shown in the menu and above the item. Customizing titles is only possible for administrators.

What is the pin behind the menu name?

When you scroll the mouse over the menu items, a pin is displayed. This allows you to pin a page. This allows you to get to the pages you use often even faster.

How do I set meta properties?

In the PCT it is possible to work with meta properties. Via Settings > Organization it is possible to add and manage meta properties. Depending on the license type, meta properties can be linked to files, steps, forms or users.

How can I view a version made by my colleagues?

At Settings > Templates > Customize step statuses you can see which different versions are available in the PCT.
Per step status you can set which group is allowed to see this version.

The concept version is only visible to the person who created it. When the version is set to Internal the version is visible to all roles that are allowed to see this version. Full users can change this setting.

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