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How do I add a user to the PCT?

At ‘users’ you can easily add users. Click on ‘add user’, select which role the user will be assigned, then fill in the required fields and send the invitation when the user will have access to the PCT.
You can also very easily upload a file with users at once.
If you want to add more users than the maximum number of users specified in the license, please contact .

How do I set up 2FA?

For a secure login the PCT uses two factor authentication (2FA). Each user must activate this manually the first time they log in.
Click on “Activate 2FA”, download an Authenticator App and add your account by scanning the QR code or entering the unique ID. Finally, enter the 6-digit code generated in the authenticator app to confirm that your account has been properly added in the app.

On the ‘Users‘ page in the left navigation, as an administrator you can see which users are using 2FA.

It doesn’t work with logging in. How can that be?

On the login page, try clicking on the ‘eye’ first, to make the entered password visible. Perhaps there is a typo or ‘caps lock’ is on. If this does not help, click on “I forgot my password”. If that does not work either, please contact us at

What is my username?

In order to log into the PCT you have been given a username. This username can be found at the bottom of the invitation you received to create an account. It is never your email address.

How do I change my password?

If you have forgotten your password, click on “forgot password” on the login screen. You then enter your login name and receive a link in your mail to reset your password.
Administrators cannot see or reset your password. If you have forgotten your login name, please contact one of the administrators or .

What roles are available within the PCT?

By default, the following roles are available:
– Administrator
– Manager
– Employees
– Viewers
– Auditor

Your consultant has access to the PCT through the Consultant role.
In the tool, under ‘users’, you can see the rights per role.

How do I deactivate a user?

When a user should no longer have access to the PCT, you can deactivate the user. You do this by going to the users overview. On the right hand side at ‘Actions’ you have a number of settings. Here you will find the button ‘deactivate user’. The user will then no longer have access to the PCT.

Please note: the moment you permanently delete a user, he or she will no longer be shown in the registrations created by the user and you will lose the audit trail.

How do I upload a photo?

When you go to “my account” you can upload photo.
Administrators also have the option under “users” to upload a photo for each user by clicking on the respective employee and then uploading an image.

In which browser does the PCT work best?

The PCT works in the latest version up to 2 previous versions of the browsers listed below:
– Microsoft Edge
– Mozilla firefox
– Apple Safari
– Google Chrome

At the time of using desktop virtualization, such as terminal services or Citrix, for example, optimal operation cannot be guaranteed.

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