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What is a registration?

When a form is completely filled out, you call it a registration. For each form, all registrations can be viewed under results.

How do I configure 2FA?

Each user can activate the 2FA himself. You do this at ‘My Account’.
Click on 2FA Activate, download an Authenticator App and add your account. Finally, enter the 6-digit code to confirm that your account is properly added in the app.

On the ‘Users’ page in the left navigation, as an administrator you can see which users are using 2FA.

As an organization you can also specify that activating 2FA is mandatory. You do this at the “Company Preferences”. There you can indicate for which user groups 2FA is mandatory.

Is there a mapping with components from the standard?

Yes. In the reference matrix (under general) you can see which articles per standard are included in the texts. Of course, the standard in question must be included in your license.

What is a task?

An activity to be performed for maintaining the management system.

How do I customize the corporate identity?

Administrators have the ability to customize the house style. Click on your account in the top right corner and go to “company profile”. In the company profile you can change the following: logo, background color, main menu color (left side), primary button color, etc.

Note! These changes are visible to everyone within the organization.

How do I adjust the font in the PCT framework?

An administrator has the ability to set the layout of the content in the PCT framework. This includes font types and sizes and adding a header and footer when the “handbook” is exported.

Click on your account at the top right and go to “preferences” > “company preferences“. Then click on “manual layout“. You can set the following items in terms of layout: cover page; header; content; footer.

Please note! these changes are visible to everyone within the organization.

How do I report a bug or question?

Click on your account at the top right and go to “help.”
Then click on “Email.” A pop up will now be displayed that allows you to report the bug or question.

Depending on the priority of the bug or question (in accordance with SLA), it will be taken up by support.

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